Besides and I’m working on online communication projects and E Commerce and MarketPlace construction with Very Important Names and Extensions.

www.London.One www.London.World

Territorial names of this land in Italian, French and Spanish, with the new extensions .one and . world we are working on the creation of blogs for tourism and good hospitality! We still don’t know what these names will be used for but they are our property! We would like to create Bookings for tourism but specific to the area, we build the Blogs ourselves or entrust them only to companies with valid projects to enhance these names, they could be excellent names to maintain relationships between Italian, French or Spanish speakers or they are suitable for magazines . With my Market Places I aim to create Affiliate Franchises for Real Estate and Hotel Tourism Traffic and from here in England I work better for these reasons I would like to transfer everything here. My company; Italian .

Italian lands

I have a total of 500 names and I’m preparing web traffic business with online training courses to join and learn how to do web graphics work and more with our indications. Which will include a web marketing image study course of various levels and affiliate work that enters our blogs to graphic affiliates or web masters to be trained and already prepared. This is our job to create content under important names that generate interest alongside sponsors or others that we offer as our services or as a traffic service for others.