Good afternoon , I have read your letter in its entirety . Meanwhile, I congratulate all the staff of the structures where I was hospitalized, I don’t think I’m mentally ill, but I think I’m very stressed and now I’ll tell you my story. I arrived in England on 7 September 2020, to work as a laborer on construction sites with my brother-in-law who has a bricklayers company, I weighed 92 kg, I left all my family’s businesses as I was not feeling well in Italy.
In addition to having great skills in construction , I have a passion for graphics and web marketing . I took psychiatric drugs for the previous 10 years and often fell into depression in the summer, the last year before leaving I was with my little dog who gave me so much friendship. I had been separated for 15 years since my daughter Perla was three, I saw my daughter every evening, every Friday we had dinner at my house including her mother with whom there were excellent relations and also every Sunday for lunch, I and my daughter’s mother had other stories. It happens that in October I start working on the construction site and I don’t know why my life changes, every day I had more and more fun with all the cultures I encountered and the work didn’t weigh me down, in the evening when I returned home, however, I studied computer science and image up to three in the morning i received about 11,000 emails in two years about a job i was doing researching domain names i currently own over 650 names . And around 100 active websites.
In December a great manager elects me worker of the year and on March 14 I surprised my daughter there is a video on YouTube that you can find by typing the domains or .uk . In January my brother-in-law informs me that he wants to do another business that he was preparing with his two Italian cousins. The business was to rent houses and plant marijuana plants; I replied that I wasn’t interested, that they could do whatever they wanted but that I didn’t want to know anything about the places or the people behind these operations. So I organized myself to work alone and I had teamed up with three other Romanian Masons Anton Roca Augustin Roca and Mihai. I called my father to send me some money he sent me about $1600 to buy a car to get to work. Once I received the money, I gave it to my brother-in-law to buy me a car, I didn’t know the market. After two days I handed over the car, I asked him how much he had paid for it, he replied 900 pounds. So I said then with the remaining £700 we can do the insurance. He replied, we’ll do it in 15 days, don’t worry, here the police will only stop you if you commit infractions, not realizing that I could have had an accident, killed a person and I would have ended up in jail, but I couldn’t rebel, they had done a kind of bunch of ignorant gangsters. The 15 days went by which became eight months luckily no accidents happened, except in June 2020 in the Miller Homes construction site where I worked directly for the Manager Alan Sharp who at the time was Manager of The Year for the company and had elected me Laborer of the year . Why did he keep that money? Because he was a cocaine addict, a frequent visitor to prostitutes, and then when you have mountains of money you believe you are a god even if you are not. In any case I could not ask my father for money. So with the three Romanian colleagues we worked on many construction sites in Oxfordshire from January 2021 to April 2021, before joining Miller Homes. These three men can confirm what I’m saying about insurance, only for that I don’t know which god I have to thank first. It was a miracle nothing happened to me.
So my brother-in-law never gave me the £700. I state that for three years here I have not gone to a pizzeria, a pub, or an outing. Only home work and study. My three colleagues and I worked for Mount Stuart in Abbinghdon where they paid me £140 a day.

My fellow Romanians rightly pressured me to get money, and get insurance. After 4 months in MountStuart I have some experience with the Agencies, I worked on a Carpentry Building Site in Harvell for about 10 days and a week at Brokes Universiti as a helper until June 16th when I went directly to ask the Manager of Miller Homes for a job. In the last two months, my brother-in-law had made up his mind to want me to recover some money that I had left over from a previous story 8 years earlier, again with another Italian about 10,000 Pounds, an old story that I had now put aside, but he said that he had to recover it , which was his niece ‘s money ( My Daughter Perla ) He wanted me to go to London Me Him and his cousin , but I refused , I said if they wanted to go they had to go alone , even if I did not agree , so we they went alone to this subject’s restaurant and explained the situation in their own way, of course they came back without any money, they told me that the guy wanted to talk to me. I replied that I didn’t want to go but then they convinced me. So the following Saturday we had to go in three, luck would have it that my brother in law that same day I order a website for a real estate agency I still remember the name arrived the following Saturday, the appointment was at 7 in the evening with me, but perhaps due to fatigue I fell asleep and woke up at 9 in the evening, I called and warned that I had felt ill and my brother-in-law had offended me in a thousand ways, a classic of cocaine addicts. On Sunday we used to eat together, I treat myself like a rag he said that I would never have to deal with him again, so on Sunday I sent a long enough email to my brother-in-law and on Monday I called myself to go to his house . I went and immediately told him that if he wanted to recover the money that could be recovered without going there, and so it was, I sent a nice email to the guy and I managed to recover 2000 pounds, which should have been my daughter’s, instead they arrived on mine paper , and asked me for 1500 pounds . So my daughter’s money spent on cocaine and prostitutes. And I walked without insurance , but that bastard had insurance on his BMW 4000 petrol . So I’ll stop here, the rest will be even more dramatic. I have a receipt for the £1500 transfer.
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